We are one body

If I don’t weep for your children

How can I weep for my own?

My heart is no greater than yours,

It is not more tender, more loving.

If I do not know your pain

How can I cry for myself?

If I do not recognise your love

How can I know my own?

My love is no brighter than yours,

The bird of  my love flies no higher,

The well of my love is no deeper,

The child of my love is not more precious.


7 thoughts on “We are one body

  1. The declarative form you have chosen underscores the simplicity and clarity of the message. And it’s profound truth. Clean and refreshing as a glass of spring water, with a perfect finish.


  2. Oh yes, this is the wisdom of compassion – when we see no stranger, no Other, just another struggling human being. Beautifully done.


  3. We have been granted – given — allowed — purchased — a terrible permission to forget this central truth: that my breath in is your breath out and vice versa. I can’t exist, love, build without the unity of we. The bird of my love flies no higher, / The well of my love is no deeper, The child of my love is not more precious.” Your song of love or sorrow mine. This should be writ on the lintel of every open link forum … Thanks for writing it here. – B


  4. We are indeed one body, we all struggle with the same basic truths of life. Sorrow, joy and pain are felt by all of us. If you can’t acknowledge others how can you recognize your own?


  5. So true Sarah and it’s a feeling we share in our community and support each other wherever we can.


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