NaPoWriMo 12 – an index poem


See also: Amnesia
Of course – for love, see also hate,
For joy, see also despair.

Ageing effects
I forget the pub we first went to
But I remember you asking me
If I wanted a drink.

Anaesthetic effects
And I remember your smile
And the way your eyes shone

I remember the flat we stayed in
And the meal you cooked

Biasing recall
I remember a bar in Madrid
And the sun on the tiled floor

Biological basis
I remember the fireworks
One New Year’s Eve
Reflected in the water

I had forgotten the light
In the early morning
In the desert
But I remember it now

Confusion with reality
I remember the smell of incense at night
Mixed with the smell of flowers

And the smell of heat
Rising from the ground

Déjà vu experiences
And I remember the stars,
Those clear, clear nights

Of dreams
But I can never remember the smell of bluebells
Until they are there

Dream function
I remember drinking cider
In the sun, falling asleep,
Waking up hot and sweating

I remember the flames

I remember

Long term
I remember the colour of the kitchen
And the colour of turmeric
Spilt on the slate floor

Loss, dissociations
I remember walking home at dawn
With the sun rising

I remember streetlights
In the rain

I have forgotten his name
But I remember the coat he wore

Short term
I left my sunglasses
At the beach.
They are long gone.

Skills, learned
I remember the sand on my skin.
I remember the dust.

Sleep, enhancement by.


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