NaPoWriMo 19 – How To…

Be a Mother


First find your child.

This may be one you’ve grown yourself

Or one you’ve found.

A baby is the easiest place to start

But you can successfully mother

A toddler, a school child

Even a teenager.


If you can only find an adult,

This recipe is not suitable.

See alternatives

(Successful Adult Partnership; Mad Affair;

Supportive Friendship).


Next, prepare your heart.

Knead it to soften.

Remove all hard areas

(Retain: you may need them later).

It may bleed a little at this stage.

This is normal.




Love is the basis:

Apply liberally.

Add in a cupful of humour,

A splash of craziness,

Exactly 1 level  tablespoonful of discipline,

Plus guilt to taste (you may add more later).


Leave to develop.

Stir occasionally.


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