NaPoWriMo 21 – A voice from a fairy tale

Sleeping Beauty

We’re just the same age,
Her and me. Sixteen, I was,
A month ago. Or at least…
Well. You know.

She’s fond of me –
There’s not much laughter
For a princess, but sometimes
We giggle like two girls.
Two ordinary girls, I mean.

I did her hair up
For the party.
She is lovely.
A proper beauty –
Not just jewels
and gowns with her.
And kind.
And when she sings!

Anyhow. I did her hair.
I put the crown in place –
Me! From the village!
“That’s something to tell them”
I remember thinking.
“I held the crown”.
My little brother, Johnnie,
He’s the baby,
He’ll look up at me –
His eyes are bright, grass green –
He’ll ask me “Was it heavy?”

Except he won’t now, will he?

And then she left the room,
All glowing, sparkling,
Like a jewel herself.

And I sat down
Just for a moment, like,
To rest my feet.
Saw my face in the mirror
Like it was a pond.
I felt so sleepy.

After that, darkness,
And my dreams – kissing Jack,
My wedding day, 3 daughters
Running down a hill, and then my boy
A glimpse of my own hands,
Old and twisted, a blackbird singing.

Such sweet,strange dreams –
All gone now.
That’s how it is with dreams –
They shatter when you wake,
Like a glass bowl.
Shards everywhere.

I went down yesterday.
I had to see it. My old home,
Changed, like you wouldn’t know it.

An old man, all bent over
Hobbled up. “I’m your nephew”.
All gnarled and wrinkled.
Johnnie’s boy. And when I looked
At him, I knew.

Nobody else could have those eyes.


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