NaPoWriMo 24 – poetic and mundane

Today’s challenge was to mix and match overly poetic and clunkingly mundane words.

To my husband
I see a little grey amidst your tresses,
(But still you take out the recycling),
And a few lines, now, on your alabaster brow,
(But you remember first to warm the teapot).
I have adorned you in your beauteous raiment –
(Your other shirt is waiting to be washed) –
Gazed deep into your lucent eyes –
(Did you book the car in for its service?).

Perchance I seem a little pensive off and on –
(I can’t remember where I left my keys )-
But I quaffed deeply from the phial of love:
(Thank you for coming all this way with me).

We may be older now, and less impassioned,
But we are easier in each other’s presence.


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