NaPoWriMo 27 – long lines…

The challenge today was to write a poem with long lines. When I read it out loud I realised I needed a bit of a rhythm, and the long lines lured me into a bit of repetition. I can’t believe April is nearly over. I’m going to miss NaPoWriMo.

April is ending

Now we are turning our faces to summer, the glory of summer
Now April is fading and May’s nearly here, close so you could touch it –
At times, in the warmth of the sun, and out of the wind, you could touch it.
Now the buds of the hawthorn are tight baby fists in the green of the hedge,
And the goldfinch are weaving a dance like a piece of embroidery.
Now the lambs are beginning to lose their mad joy just at being alive –
The mad joy of life that’s the birthright of every young creature –
The gumshield is washed and put back in its box now the season is over,
And I’m washing out grass stains again, and I’m hanging out sheets on the line.
The gorse in the bank smells of coconut ice and says “Kiss me, oh kiss me”
And April is fading, and May is a sweet scented breeze in the field,
And summer is coming, we’re turning our faces to summer.


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