NaPoWriMo 29 – memories

Yellow high waisters with stains on the knees
A bright yellow swimsuit with cutaway sides
A white grandad shirt that I wore with a belt
A long, dark green dress with a square shaped neck
A black mini dress with a V at the back
A glazed cotton dress that laced at the front
A real biker jacket
A gold rara skirt, with a ripped up T shirt
A long fish-tail skirt – black – hobbled me
A soft leather waistcoat I bought in a sale
A quirky white shirt with a tiny blue animal print
Trashy red stilettos that crippled my feet
Green Dr Martens – and purple
A white ruffled shirt
A pair of pink jeans
A skirt with a flight of embroidery cranes
A blue suit, a green suit, a grey suit
A blue bubble skirt
A slinky black dress for a cut-price Morticia
A pair of grey shoes that never quite fitted
A yellow silk scarf – the first thing he bought me
A dark green ensemble I wore with a black pill box hat
A purple maternity dress that I started to loathe
A drawer full of vests.

I kind of already did something similar for the technical vocabulary challenge (that seems like a long time ago!), so I decided to pick a theme. It’s almost an autobiography…


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