Haibun Monday – “Too many mine”

I hold myself as carefully as a glass of wine, each angle carved from the air, each movement crafted in bone, in flesh, in skin; my breath a liquid weight in my chest; my mind entangled by my own movement. I find my way through the air, I pin myself to the ground, I hold myself here.

Control of breathing
The slow sliding movement of
Muscle under skin


18 thoughts on “Haibun Monday – “Too many mine”

  1. Your opening line really captures me – I close my eyes and feel how I hold a glass of wine… with care lest I spill the red; with adoration for my personal favorite vintage; with the casualness of what brings a sense of contented enjoyment and familiarity… that is the experience of just those first words. Clearly, I love this poem!


  2. There is so much in this short, exquisite haibun, Sarah. Breathing…the feel of muscle under skin…something I want to focus on tomorrow morning during my quiet time. So glad to be getting to learn about you, so glad you are here at dVerse.


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