Haibun Monday – “Too many mine”

I hold myself as carefully as a glass of wine, each angle carved from the air, each movement crafted in bone, in flesh, in skin; my breath a liquid weight in my chest; my mind entangled by my own movement. I find my way through the air, I pin myself to the ground, I hold myself here.

Control of breathing
The slow sliding movement of
Muscle under skin


27 thoughts on “Haibun Monday – “Too many mine”

  1. Your opening line really captures me – I close my eyes and feel how I hold a glass of wine… with care lest I spill the red; with adoration for my personal favorite vintage; with the casualness of what brings a sense of contented enjoyment and familiarity… that is the experience of just those first words. Clearly, I love this poem!


  2. There is so much in this short, exquisite haibun, Sarah. Breathing…the feel of muscle under skin…something I want to focus on tomorrow morning during my quiet time. So glad to be getting to learn about you, so glad you are here at dVerse.


  3. Your offering today is just exquisite! You capture a very complex and unsettling feeling– that is, the awareness of the strangeness of one’s own incarnate existence; the sensation of being a fallible body. This is graceful, disquieting, intimate, and exhilarating.


  4. So nice to read you out here on the dVerse trail. Yours is done with brevity, but the message is clarion; good word smithing too.


  5. This is so beautiful. I so enjoy the knowing and feeling of your body. I agree with De, exquisite metaphor. Thank you joining in on this. This beautiful short haibun says so very much.


  6. What came to mind was yoga since that is what I’m familiar with and then I saw your tag that said Pilates. I think they must be similar in the concentration of holding the position and breathing into it. Wonderful!
    Gayle ~


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