Chiselled conversation – Daphne – for DVerse

This is for dverse again. I promised myself no more poems today, but a friend is on her way to Rome, so this sculpture has been on my mind.


You carved me
In the moment of transition,
The victory of change,
When I armoured myself
With my own skin.
Flesh transformed into
Wood transformed into
As if I have hardened
Over the years
Frozen here
In my fear
And my hope.



13 thoughts on “Chiselled conversation – Daphne – for DVerse

  1. Oh I must somehow see this sculpture! I still see the girl in both these pictures so must imagine her disappearing into a tree… must be beautiful to behold. And then, that word “transition” becomes even more meaningful in your words here. “…as if I have hardened over the years…” I love these words. If we think for a moment of her, posing, sitting quietly, her curves, soft hair, her thoughts — perhaps her voice, her lips — a creature, a woman of softness — turned into stone and hardened over the time, during the time she emerges. Oh my — my mind just runs with this. So very very glad you stopped by and imbibed with art and words! 🙂 Wonderful!


  2. Oh I love the transition- from flesh to wood to, finally, stone. I think this speaks beyond the physical transformation with those fears and hope left frozen in time. Brilliant piece!

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