Summer loving

Summer loving
Happens so fast
Tastes of cider,
Barbecue and
Feels like sunshine
Warm upon my winter skin;
Smells of cut grass
Roses and vanilla,
Sends a skylark
Soaring through the
Lights me up
Like ligntning
In a summer storm.

Summer loving
Happens so slow,
Apples ripen
Through the summer days;
Summer evenings
Drift towards the twilight,
Maybe there’s music
Floating on the breeze;
Lights me up
Like sunset
Lights the ocean.

Walt at Dverse asked us to borrow a line from another poet and write a summer poem. I kind of cheated. It’s not really a line from a poem – but I’m sure you’ve all seen Grease…

I need to credit Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey who wrote that original iconic song. Summer Lovin’ indeed.


15 thoughts on “Summer loving

  1. LOL! We tossed around lyrics at our house, too! I secretly wanted to write about my incurrable summertime blues… The contrast between the two stanzas is sweet and so very true. I really enjoyed the pairing of roses and vanilla. Some are loving this poem, and I am one! (Pardon the pun – couldn’t resist.)

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  2. Certainly, but as I had told Kathy Reed, I consider composers to be musical poets. So a song lyric would work, but would still need to be accredited to the writer(s), Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey. Nice take on the prompt and parody of the original, Sarah.

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  3. Songs are just poetry set to music, so I don’t think you cheated at all. I love this, especially “Feels like sunshine / Warm upon my winter skin;” I love summer and you’ve captured it well.


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