Red boat rondelet 1 – For Jane Dougherty

Jane has set us the challenge of writing a rondelet this week. It’s another new form for me. I’m guessing eventually we’ll run out of new forms, but I think we have a few to go yet. I really enjoy these challenges – it’s good to play with new forms and be pushed a bit out of my comfort zone. Jane has given us a picture prompt, and a word – journey. Each week the number of people doing the challenge seems to grow a little, it’s so interesting to see how different everybody’s work is.


Fishing for mackerel

Shining treasure,
Generously heaped at my feet,
Shining treasure,
Gathered wildly, without measure:
We haul it home so we can eat
It freshly cooked and salty sweet,
Shining treasure.


5 thoughts on “Red boat rondelet 1 – For Jane Dougherty

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