Dawn Ghazal – for Jane Dougherty

Love should not hide itself in darkest night,
Wait here with me for morning’s pearly light.

Last night you feasted on me with your lips,
Now see me here, adorned in pearly light.

We planted secrets in our bed of clouds,
Now let them bloom in warming, pearly light.

We merged ourselves, joined skin to skin to skin,

So stay, heed not the warning, pearly light.

None of us knows what each new day will bring,
Stay close, bathe in the dawning pearly light.

The very wonderful Jane Dougherty has taken time out from promoting her NEW BOOK!!! and very kindly set us the challenge of writing a ghazal. It’s another formal form, and it’s a bit tricky getting it to flow naturally, but I’ve given it a go!



11 thoughts on “Dawn Ghazal – for Jane Dougherty

  1. I like this poem as a poem. But if you follow the strict ghazal rules you need to make the rhyme fall on the word that precedes ‘pearly’ in the first stanza ie here is would be ‘morning’s’. Tricky, but you can do it šŸ™‚


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