Leaves II – quadrille for Dverse

She leaves
With her clean new bag
Slung careless
Over her shoulder –
As if this teenage thing
Is just
A progression of leavings.

She leaves
With her hair tied
Loosely back
And her new
Matt lip gloss,
Laughing, as if leaving
Is just leaving.


And here’s another little quadrille for Dverse..

10 thoughts on “Leaves II – quadrille for Dverse

  1. Rovers and Sitters..
    in all of the Animal
    Kingdom noW..
    some leave
    some stay..
    some fearless..
    otHeRs cautious…
    iNnate basis goeS
    oN now.. iNtrovert
    vs.. eXtrovert..
    And then the
    anD Hyde’s
    iN eXtremes
    boTh.. leaVes
    wayS of SittinG
    or Roving morE..:)

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  2. Love this response to the prompt. Wish I had thought of it myself because I can definitely relate….except for the purse and lip gloss. Sons have a rather flippant way of coming and going as well!

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