Open II – dVerse Quadrille

I would like to be
so open
that the light pours
through me,
so open
that the air dances
between the
molecules of my skin,
so open that
I am only a space
a window
emptied of all
my broken words,
clear note singing.


I knew there’d be another one coming. I love quadrilles – so short and punchy. This is another one for “open” night over at


21 thoughts on “Open II – dVerse Quadrille

    • I should have answered this before. I had to think about it for a long time, and consider the differences between prayer and meditation, and what it is I do when I write. I think you have a point – not about all my poems, but certainly some of them are an attempt to clarify something important, or explore something important. And often I write in gratitude. You are good at prodding people (me) into thinking.


  1. i’M not particularly
    fond of worshipping religious
    words.. but what i do find noW as
    it is a special interest of mine to study
    across the world IS A favorite
    one from the
    Gospel of Thomas
    verse 37 that says
    to open uP
    to find
    you kNow..
    the free spirit
    of unrepressing emotions
    and senses of human beings
    set Freed.. too.. and i quote
    here.. as WeLL.. noW.. too..

    “37) His disciples said to him, “When will you be visible to us,
    and when shall we behold you?”
    He said, “When you strip naked without being ashamed, and
    take your garments and put them under your feet like little
    children and tread upon them, then you will see the child of the
    Living, and you will not be afraid.”

    Hmm.. imagine how different the world
    would be if the literal interpretation of
    that replaced the same with
    The Bonobo.. our
    closets cousin.. ‘says’
    it works to avoid all
    violence.. where
    war solves
    of tribal instinct
    when the joy is naked
    and free with Love..
    stArted storing
    grain.. and the
    rest is a history of fear
    for having less than the Raven Sings.. Fly.. Free..:)

    Other than that.. i find dancing like this in sand
    and sun.. totAlly legal and private in my back yard..
    frees iT aLL with music to drOwn
    out all the lies
    hmm.. so
    simple to be free..
    so difficult to escape.. naked aGain..
    whoever wrote that vs 37 was F in Brilliant too..
    and sure they were speaKinG of ALL cultural clothes2..:)

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      • WiNks..
        The Educated Greeks
        Determined what sects
        Of oral tradition illiterate
        Armaic speaking folks in
        The area exchanged over
        Four Decades.. Ranging from
        So-called Christian sects believing in one to twelve Gods depending on which sect one talked too.. And for 1500 years or so until the first English printed edition.. There were no copy machines but scribes where biblical scholars teach budding pastors at Divinity schools that those scribes made any where from three to four hundred thousand mistakes.. Some minor and some major as all humans do copying written material by hand with only two letters by Paul to the Ephesians likely written by an original author.. And of course the trinity idea was Determined by the soon to be expanded Roman Empire four Centuries after Yeshua died.. Pastors who graduate from Divinity schools rarely tell the Congregation the bible is far from infallible but they clearly understand that ye of little faith will never believe in God without myths.. i took the parts of Luke that promise Heaven comes in this generation.. The Golden rule.. With consume no others with harm.. The parts where with Faith.. Belief and Hope can heal us as even The Scribe of Science proves now.. And will to do more than Jesus as that part by John makes sense too.. The rest.. i consider the source by taking the advice of whomever wrote Luke and the Gospel of Thomas and find God and the KinGdoM within.. There was no cold in the Desert my Friend.. And the real ISreAL is a place like America where all children Of God can pursue Life Liberty and Happiness aka Heaven now.. i for one live there but the original Greek definition of Apocalypse.. In lifting the Many Veils of ignorance sure does help along with discernment of truth and light as i for one complete a full witness for the God.. I Am.. For 42 months with over 3.3 million words in the longest long form poem in the history of humankind surpassing the previous centuries long effort of 1.8 million words with a total of 12 million words documented to this year in 6 years span too on Thanksgiving Day along with Six thousand miles of public Dance in three years praising.. I AM… Just fully fulfilling what King David said he would Celebrate God on the Naked part of the Dance too and that my friend Is what 100 percent Hope.. Faith.. And Belief WiLL juSt Do after escaping iSREAL Hell on Earth for 66 months where one second in Hell is a thousand years with a pain in my right eye and ear assessed by modern science worse than crucifixion.. That was the hardest part by far of doing so much more than the myths attributed to Jesus.. But again my faith iSREAL I AM..:)


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