Microfiction for Jane Dougherty – Spring


My mum thought they were blessings. She told me the story often enough – the three fairies darting through the window, waving their wands over me. The three blessings:

“May birds always flit about her and fill her days with song”.

“May flowers spring wherever she walks”.

“May her life be filled with laughter”.

See? I know them off by heart. They don’t seem much like blessings to me, though.

I was politely asked to leave school after the first day. Lily says there are still hollyhocks growing where my desk was, and they have to mow the dining hall once a week to keep the daisies down.

Even if I was in school, nobody would want to play with me. It’s those stupid birds, flapping and pooping and standing on people’s heads. It’s OK when it’s blue-tits, not so great when it’s pigeons. And once it was a flock of geese.

Lots of laughter, though. Who wouldn’t laugh at the girl who leaves a trail of honeysuckle up the High Street?

So this is where I come most days. I sit with my feet in the water and watch the water lilies flower and float away, like little boats off on an adventure. It’s quite boring, really. But I have a good view of the road here, and I’m waiting, because one day someone will come – a fairy queen, or a witch in disguise, or a handsome prince. Someone who can lift these stupid spells.

This is for Jane Dougherty’s microfiction challenge. Number 14 – unbelievable. She’s given us this intriguing image, and some words that I’ve chosen to ignore. The picture is Spring by Harald Slott-Moller. I hope it all works out for her. 

10 thoughts on “Microfiction for Jane Dougherty – Spring

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  2. Fantastically delightful. I relate to this girl in the painting and your story about her. When I was her age, that’s exactly how I felt! (Perhaps no one else saw the birds or the honeysuckle, but I certainly did!). Beautiful writing. xo

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