Arrangements poem – for dVerse

In the time that it took
To place me, you lost me.
When you labelled me
You forgot my name.
When you placed me here
In this geometry
Of colour and kind
You took my self
And let it fly far
And free, but away
Away away away
Leaving only this thing
That sits in my place
And is clearly classified
with words that mean nothing.


This is for Grace at dVerse, who prompts us with the word “arrangements” and some stunning pictures by Emily Blincoe. I found them surprisingly disturbing once I started to think about them.


13 thoughts on “Arrangements poem – for dVerse

  1. Incredible take on this prompt. I like that you found them disturbing. I often look outside of my OCD as others perceive it and I am one crzy pup at times. I think you have this down pat, the classifying of humans and putting them into niches. Excellent work!


  2. LOVE this! Placing people into categories is futile..and doing so can destroy who we really are (if we let it) . We are never specifically anything or anyone. That is the beauty of being.


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