Spark Quadrille for dVerse

That small spark
That battles in me
Is not dulled, though it swings
Into the far dark, empty, cold
Comet orbit spiraling, scrawls
Dragon tail, phoenix feather, angel sword
All the great fires
Bursting, blossoming
Out of myth,
Stars flowering in
The smallest crevices.


44 words make up a quadrille. This time it’s for De at dVerse, who wants to spark our creativity and encourage sparkling poems, with sparks flying and sparklers whirling.


17 thoughts on “Spark Quadrille for dVerse

  1. Sometimes that spark within us is seemingly extinguished but I think it’s always there ready to flare up when given some energy. There’s power here in all the ways you speak of where we can find sparks!


  2. Struggle.. noW..
    A Song of adaptation..
    change.. and stronger…
    A song of
    A FiRe noW iN a BeLLy
    SpArking hiGher aliVe
    liGht from dARk.. iN
    kinda how God
    rolls overALL as
    merit over sAMe..:)

    Liked by 1 person

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