Cue Quadrille for dVerse

In this complex dialogue
Of truth and half-truth
Chiaroscuro feelings,
This dance of distance
And approach, this opera
Of division and addition,
I find I often miss my cue
Forgetting the most
Important words,
Remembering only
A butterfly landing
Tentative on my open hand.

This is for Whimsy Gizmo over at dVerse, who has cued us up to write on cues. No excueses! Head on over there and check out some great poetry from some friendly poets. 














18 thoughts on “Cue Quadrille for dVerse

  1. I know that ‘complex dialogue’, those ‘Chiaroscuro feelings’ and ‘Forgetting the most
    Important words’ – seems to be happening every day. But if we can remember the butterfly, that’s all that matters.

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  2. Oh, lovely. So many of us played games with this, which was fun – but I love how you brought your word-play to a seriously beautiful and emotionally right conclusion.


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