Curl – quadrille for dVerse

The white smoke
Curls and twines
From the blown
Out candle,
Making a soft
Ghost of warmth,
Sweet scented,
Calling up
A night
Spent laughing,
Weaving our
Friendship, drinking
Deep. Ivy’s
Fine tendrils
Climb the wall,
There is still
Wine here.

This is the first quadrille of the year, for dVerse, where the bar is open after a midwinter break. It’s good to be back – I’ve missed it there.dVerse


31 thoughts on “Curl – quadrille for dVerse

  1. Oh my….you’ve set the mood so well for the evening’s tryst! The ethereal with the smoke curling up and disappearing and the curling ivy asking the individual to stay, enjoy the wine and the memories of what has just passed. Lovely!


  2. In this poem, even though the imagery can be felt as gloomy, dark and desperate, I see a picture of a very long, lasting friendship, I see the need for support and encouragement that arises when people are friends for , let’s say, over 30 years.


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