Back then I danced above the void

Dazzling myself with my daring

So delighted to be young

And strong, defying gravity. I posed,

One hip forward, like some

Model for a fashion shoot

On the Eiffel Tower, offering

Courage, my courage,

The bridge all gapped and gaping

And the river churning far below,

And me, in the dignity of youth,

The pride of me, here, now.

Me there, then, distant,

Laughing at fear, eyes on the far side,

Only the air below me.

This is for Lillian at dVerse who has asked us to write about bridges. Sort of.dVerse is a nice place to hang out. Check it out.


9 thoughts on “Bridge

  1. Oh I got caught up in this one! The daring of youth….I love the detail of posing with one hip forward like some model on a photo shoot….I can picture this! Well done 🙂


  2. The poem felt like there was going to be a circular aspect to it. The poem starts in the present and looks to the past. It felt like it was going to come back to the present and have some sort of reflection where it was compared to the past. You might consider writing a companion poem that does that. A poem that looks at the present condition.

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    • Thank you for this comment. It has made me think about my broader writing practice – not sure if you meant that to happen! I tend to respond to these prompts in quite a swift, unedited way, and tell myself I will come back to things properly, so my blog is almost more of a sketchpad than a proper gallery of finished work. However, you have made me reflect on the fact that I am not terribly good at the actual process of “going back”, and that is probably something I should work on over the next few months. So thank you for your comment, much appreciated.


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