Eagle – for dVerse

I’m all coffee-ed up. I’m so caffeined
I don’t know what to do with it.

I twittered, but you never read me,
I facebooked, but you never upped your thumb –
I’ve me-ed it in the corner for a long time, baby,
But now I’m us-ing down the middle of the street:

See that sky? I’m going to sun it –
See that road? I’m going to bloom it –

Because today I’m lipsticked
In the red fire of anger,
I’m booting in bare feet,
I’m loving, joying, dancing –

I’m so super, just watch me nova,
And when I spread my wings –
I eagle.

Watch me.

A poem of verbification for Lillian at dVerse. I was surprised at how many of the nouns I thought of have been verbified already. Language moves and grows and transforms itself in our mouths. 

17 thoughts on “Eagle – for dVerse

  1. Ah, so glad you posted! It’s true, right? Language is in the constant state of metamorphasizing. I always await each year to learn the new words added to the dictionary of common use. Remember when “twerk” was first heard and millions of older folks said, “What’s that?” Dances commonly take on names and then become verbs.
    I especially like the line “you never upped your thumb” — had me smiling as I realized you meant you never Liked me. Good visual of something burned in our mind and used often — an emoji .
    I also like how the energy picks up as I read through until I’m dancing and soaring and daring! Enjoyed this one.


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