Ghost quadrille for dVerse

There are ghosts here,
trapped behind glass
with all their various
smiles, their laughter –
glancing at me, twisting
out of view.

I am ghost tangled,
catching flickering glimpses
of their movement,
following an old song,
a sweet smoke trail

finding myself lost
somewhere remembered.

This is for Kim at dVerseasking for ghosts in 44 words.


23 thoughts on “Ghost quadrille for dVerse

  1. This is fab, Sarah! I love the elusiveness expressed in your poem, with the ghosts trapped, laughing, glancing and twisting out of view. I especially like the words ‘ghost tangled’, as if they are weaving a web around you, and that ‘old song, / a sweet smoke trail’ that trails off into the final lines:
    ‘finding myself lost
    somewhere remembered.’
    Dreamlike and foggy.


  2. your ghosts seem to me friendly and kind, they are flickerings in the moments, only there for a short time and you transport glass transparence of time to me, a window into past with the feel of a stay and and a movement back at same time into the dimension of ghosts, like a feel for a melancholy, accompanying their appearance, something I perceive like the distant sound of ghosts. Many greetings from Germany, from the Karfunkel fairy

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  3. I like the progression in this from the distance of ghosts behind glass to perhaps being a ghost lost, somewhere remembered. There is so much ghostly activity here and after.


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