Bird:child:child:bird – prose poem for dVerse

They head east, ahead of the rain, a rattling gang with wings spread wide as innocence. They’re not one thing, not like starlings, moving in synchronicity, not like geese in their military formations; these guys are coasting, riding the sky like surfers, just cruising.

They head homewards in clumps and drifts, vague flocks and gatherings, and there’s always someone laughing, because it’s so funny, and there’s always someone threatening to spill into the road. Shoulders bump. Hips bump. Bags bump. Ponytails bounce. Heads lean in, because it’s so funny, it’s a secret. They are breathless with their own beauty.

These seagull kids are just spinning, cartwheeling, because there’s nothing as good as the spin, nothing as cool as this body: look, it can turn, leap, bend, and this movement isn’t ballet, it isn’t salsa, it isn’t ballroom, it’s just movement, fireworks under the skin.

Frank is keeping the bar at dVerse, and he’s asking for prose poems. Check it out. You’ll find something you love. 

15 thoughts on “Bird:child:child:bird – prose poem for dVerse

  1. I hadn’t thought of birds riding the sky like surfers before but I suspect that is what they are doing. I like the empathetic view of the birds’ enjoyment of their movement when you write that there is “nothing as cool as this body”.


  2. you soared right into the imaginative with this prose poem – the visuals are impressive and reads like an easy rider


  3. This is lyrical, Sarah. I love the idea of them surfing the sky and their movement being fireworks under their skin. The innocence of it all, the freedom and joy and being. Just beautiful!


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