Forest bathing haibun for dVerse

I know this trail so well. It leads from the road into the woods. I’ve been here in every season, and every kind of weather. I’ve walked here in the moonlight, in the sunlight, and in the rain. I’ve paced here, cycled here, strolled here, and today I’m running – for my body and my soul. If you follow me, you’ll pass the bank where the old man’s beard runs wild. It won’t last much longer, now spring is on its way. A little further on a brook runs by the side of the path, clear water, where cresses will grow in a few weeks’ time. We cross the river, and pause to look for the heron, who stands one-legged in the water that crashes over the weir. Beyond the bridge the banks are high around us, it’s darker, and rhododendrons grow leggy in the shade, but then we cross the meandering river again and find ourselves high among the branches of the woodland. We look down, down, down to the forest floor, where soon there will be bluebells, and ransoms, and wild garlic, yellow celandine and dog violets. There will be sweet flower scents, and the green scent of trees, and the savoury smell of the ransoms. The river is quiet here, but there are birds singing, and the sudden rat-tat-tat of a woodpecker calls us to stop for a moment. There is the whisper of green in the tips of twigs, and the blackthorn is blossoming already. Spring is coming, drawing green spikes up from the dull earth, setting green finches dancing through the air, and filling my lungs with clear light.

Drum roll in the woods
Fanfare of green, white and gold
Spring songs in the woods

Toni at dVerse invites us to bathe in a forest, sink into nature, and let ourselves go. Check out the poets’ pub – it’s friendly, and there’s some great poetry there.

15 thoughts on “Forest bathing haibun for dVerse

  1. You make a good point that not only is a forest bath good, but taking one where one is familiar with the forest is even better. One’s memory is there to help one be more aware and enhance the experience.


  2. I am walking and running with you listening to the birds and woodpecker’s drumming ~ I can’t wait for spring to finally arrive and marvel at the flowers you just described ~ Just my type of weekend adventure Sarah ~ Thanks for joining us ~

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  3. Plain to see you’re quite familiar with the woods and all therein! I felt as if I shared your journey. Three different species of woodpeckers visit my suet feeders. Fascinating creatures! Thank you for sharing your lovely descriptive journey.

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  4. “Filling my lungs with clear light”. Beautiful visceral image. I feel this!
    Isn’t if funny that as you are running — a fast activity — your mind can slow and be filled with beauty? Thank you for taking me with you this morning! Absolutely beautiful.


  5. Beautifully written. I love that our daylight is lengthening. I didn’t turn on lights today until well after 5:30. And the birds are so busy collecting debris for nests. Perhaps one doesn’t need a forest to bathe in nature. 🙂

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