Spring II – quadrille for dVerse.

Round here, spring trickles
down the lane, half mud
half water


The starlings cluster, curdle
the telephone lines,
weaving together a great


and there are buds
just whispering green
in the hedgerow


and primrose
sunlight creeping
over the doorstep,



We have all agreed that today felt like it was properly spring – though tomorrow may feel like something else entirely. There are celandines everywhere, and pale primroses, and periwinkles like handfuls of sky. Kim at dVerse has given us ‘spring’ as our quadrille prompt. It’s definitely in the air. 


11 thoughts on “Spring II – quadrille for dVerse.

  1. Wow, you’ve hit me twice, Sarah! Familar scenes painted in fresh words. I love ‘spring trickles
    down the lane’ and starlings curdling the telephone lines ‘weaving together a great
    leaving’ – superb use of rhyme – and ‘primrose sunlight’ – gorgeous!


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