Rook’s rollercoaster – fairground II for dVerse.

Rook rollercoasters the wind,
swings down to carousel the tree,
and his mates follow him
swaggering, cocky boys – looking
out for girls and trouble.

Rook rides the branches
like a showman rides the waltzers,
kicks the ghosts out of last year’s nest,
twig hanging nonchalant from black beak.

It’s spring, and the bird cherry
is a carnival queen, and the empty barn
is a tunnel of love.

Another one for dVerse. We like a fairground ride. 


9 thoughts on “Rook’s rollercoaster – fairground II for dVerse.

  1. Wonderfully done, Sarah! You’ve really captured the rook’s character. Rooks remind me of those lads who frequent the fairgrounds, swinging on the carousel pole and winking at the girls.


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