The best meal ever – haibun for dVerse II

If you ask me about the best meal I ever had, I’ll smile, and think of Sydney. I’ll tell you how we sat on the waterfront, by the place where the seaplanes dock, in a restaurant called the Catalina. We went for lunch, six of us, and ate and drank and laughed and talked. We were so young, life was an adventure, the sun was shining and the food was so good.

Don’t ask me what we ate. I only know it was delicious. And there was lobster. Lots of lobster. And a different wine with every course. I only know we stayed there all afternoon, and the waiters were lovely, and the sun was shining, and the food was so good. We stayed on, while everyone else left, after pudding, after coffee, watching the sea birds and the sea planes, and the sun on the water. I’m sure we drank champagne. We definitely drank champagne.

If you ask me about the best meal I ever had, I’ll smile, and think of Raj, who always knew the best restaurants, the best wines, the best cocktails. I’ll smile, even though there are tears in my eyes, because now there are only five of us, and the bravest of us is gone. The one who ordered the champagne. The one who made every meal a celebration.

Catalina calls
Sun on the water, shining,
Bubbles rise in fun


This is my second haibun for this prompt. It’s fortuitous – I’ve written about Raj before, our fun-loving, brave friend. It’s her birthday today, and she was there when I had the best meal ever. 


15 thoughts on “The best meal ever – haibun for dVerse II

  1. Oh how this makes me tear up. What a wonderful friend she was! and so brave – ordering the champagne. and you are right – it isn’t always what we eat, it is with whom we eat, even if it is only by ourselves. I say it is a good thing to remember your friend with this haibun. I know I am remembering my friend Peggie who’s birthday it was yesterday. Blessings.

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  2. I like how you used champagne here being sure and then definite that you drank champagne and then remembering your friend who ordered the champagne. Very nice remembrance focusing on Raj through champagne.

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  3. I have never stayed in a restaurant that long. With good company or not, but it sounds like fun, a wonderful afternoon. Usually when we go out to eat, we stuff our faces and hit the trail. If I drank much I’d have to have a designated driver. It sounds like a delightful day, and a wonderful memory


  4. A beautiful tribute to your friend Raj. I am sure she is sorely missed yet remains so beautifully remembered.
    Kind regards
    Anna :o]


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