Balloon II – quadrille for dVerse

Love balloon

Pregnancy ballooned me
stretching my belly to bursting point,
rounding my face, spherical,
a marshmallow woman.

Yet, the movement
of your hands, your feet,
pressing from inside me,

your small heart beating
under my ribcage. A balloon
of love, carrying you
into the world.


Oh, dVerse, my thoughts are floating like balloons in a clear sky…

19 thoughts on “Balloon II – quadrille for dVerse

  1. i recall with such melancholy this feeling, so hard to explain the beauty mothers carry and feel from those little hands and feet. we are so blessed it seems unfair at time doesn’t it. Both your quadrilles are making me cry today! In a good way!


  2. This one made me cry a little. I never carried a child but watched 3 born into the world and hsd the pleasure of placing hands on mum’s tum….never forget the feeling of my first kick 😉


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