Apple tree – for dVerse

I have drowsed all winter,
dreaming my dappled dreams,
but now the sun has touched me,
and the lengthening days
and my dreams are all of leaves,
green flames. The sap rises
fire in my veins. Down there,
deep in the darkness, my roots
seek life. I catch the sunlight
in a net, carve my dreams
from it. It’s spring, and
the primrose says “Be glad, be glad!”
and the blackbird tattoos his song
of love and hate. It’s spring,
and I dream of blossom,
pink and pale, smooth as rain,
calling the bees to dance their weaving.

Each morning, the night ripens into day,
each evening, day autumns into night,
and I watch the stars trace
their slow pathways, and the shadows
grow and shrink their way
across the grass. I dream
of leaves, and flowers, and fruit –
heavy apples bending my branches –
heavier than the thieving finch, the blackbird –
“Be afraid, be afraid,” he calls,
but I know
that in the pale heart
of each glowing apple
shines a star.
I dreamed it so.


Mish at dVerseasks us to write a poem from nature’s point of view.  It was always going to be an apple tree. Or a rook. The apple tree won…

Those dVerse poets are a dverse bunch, but very friendly and there’s a whole world of wonderful poetry over there. Check it out. 

21 thoughts on “Apple tree – for dVerse

      • I wonder this as well. We are all parts or perspectives of the same reality. There should be something similar as well as the obvious differences. There is an old book by Tompkins and Bird “The secret life of plants”, but there must be more recent work on “plant experiences”.

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  1. I can’t say how i Love this poem…my favorite lines would be the whole poem, still some words entered into me: dappled dreams, green flames, The sap rises / fire in my veins, night ripens, day autumns, the thieving finch. Now my heart is a primrose, chanting “Be glad, be glad!”…


  2. Wow…I read this twice because it is just so good. I love this line…”I catch the sunlight
    in a net, carve my dreams from it.” I liked your use of “autumn” as a verb and how the blackbird “tattoos his song”…nice! Also the contrast of “Be glad, be glad” and “Be afraid. be afraid”.


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