Rook – for dVerse

Rooks gather
in the auditorium –
there’s a little jostling,
some shoving, but, hey –
that’s family.

Black jackets, silver studs,
punk attitude. All those
young kids gathering,

and then a dad,
maybe someone’s mum,
suddenly lifts up

and there’s applause.

Rooks gather,
stage invasion,
suddenly they’re all
up there –
dancing, like there’s
no tomorrow.

Rooks hang
somewhere between
clod and cloud,

waiting for
the show to start.

It’s a rook concert.

Lillian at dVerse is asking for some anthropomorphic verse. I apologise profusely for the terrible pun. I had no choice.


37 thoughts on “Rook – for dVerse

  1. Ohhhhh, chuckling I am! LOVE these lines that add the noise the rooks make
    “clod and cloud,
    all those hard “c”s 🙂
    And LOVE the pun. GREAT take on the prompt. SOOOO glad you posted. I needed a chuckle on this grey Boston day. 🙂


  2. As soon as I saw the opening lines, I knew I was in for a treat! I love their black jackets, silver studs and punk attitude! My favourite line: ‘It’s a rook concert’!


  3. Oh, this is wonderful. I can see them all. And then your clever last line.
    This made me smile:
    “there’s a little jostling,
    some shoving, but, hey –
    that’s family.”


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