Seven songs for the moon – NaPoWriMo 6

I watched a
thistledown child
glide through a
fairground, silver
balloon bobbing
obedient behind her


He comes round here,
hammering down the door
arse hanging out of his trousers
pissed again, and babbling
about wolves.


A single blossom,
White, in her
Midnight-tangled hair


We set out across the Sea of Tranquillity,
In a silver boat, and our nacreous oars
Left a milky wake. We were lulled into dreams
filled with white water lilies.


It is a Well Attested Fact
That the Great Belly of the Moon
Brings forth Snakes and Worms
And other Noxious Creatures.


The moon sings her slow song,
Teaching the sea to dance,
Always a little out of step
With the sun. And why not?


Harvest nights,
Golden moon,
Secret sweetness
In the apple,
Golden carpet
In the field,
Golden kisses
In the night.



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