NaPoWriMo 10 – a portrait.

Goddesses? Always. But change full

In our manifesting. Maidens first,

When you flickered like a willow,

All legs and movement, a green flame,

And we were glorious, furious, demanding

Worship. Joyful. Then you led the way

Into the fruitful pools of Motherhood,

The fiercer joys of holding smaller hands,

Wiping small faces, ripening apples.

I watched you write yourself, carving

Your goddess. Show the strength

Of blood, of womb, of breast,

And still the flame, the moon,

The midnight dancing.

Last night we laughed, and talked

Of being Crones. I think

You’ll find a power there, the flame

Will burn as white as ice. I think you’ll still

Move through the world in strength, 

Green as a willow.

For we are always goddesses,

Changing only in our manifesting.


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