NaPoWriMo 25 – explore a small space

This car is full of ghosts,
echoes of us, trailing
our muddy boots, wet swimming costumes,
snatched coffees.

We’ve lived here. Spilt
water, secrets, fizzy drinks,
shouted at the radio, the sat nav
and each other. Told stories
of success, and friends who’ve
failed us. We’ve slept –
heads lolling on the
long road north.

We’ll clean it out (of course)
before we sell it. Gather up
faded receipts for teenage clothes,
stray lego bricks, crumbs,
seashells – collected and forgotten –

but perhaps the future owner
will still feel our presence –
catch a waft of woodsmoke,
or a whiff of chlorine, or the
sweet vanilla kiss of ice cream –
hear a giggle (or a quibble)
from the back seat, or
the endless litany of “I spy” –

or maybe, the radio will play
Ed Sheeran, and the car will fill
with our four voices – sing along-
out of key, perhaps, and out of time,
still driving down these country lanes.

NaPoWriMo asks us to explore a small space.

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