Haibun Monday – the song we sing along to.

For a while, it was everywhere, and it became our sing-along song. I wonder why? It’s catchy, yes, but so are lots of songs – that’s why they become big hits. I think it’s the fact that Ed Sheeran is singing about growing up in the countryside, and suddenly it’s a world you recognise. You are country children. You understand rolling down hills, finding your fun where you can, hanging out with a motley group of friends – not much choice for you about who you are close to. You’ve stopped to watch the sun setting. It’s a song about nostalgia, and I imagine you both in 10, 15 years’ time, hearing it unexpectedly on the radio, and being swung back to this car, these roads, this bit of your live. Nostalgia squared. It’s not played so often now, but we still belt the chorus out together, driving down these country lanes.

Gull flies on white wings
White blossom in the hedgerows
Memories of spring

For Hayesspencer at dVerse . This is one about the songs we sing along to in the car. At the moment, there’s only really one…though I hadn’t seen the video before, and it just made me cry. 

18 thoughts on “Haibun Monday – the song we sing along to.

  1. There must be something wrong with me but I just do not get the attraction of Ed Sheeran. I do like your message though, and the idea of looking back at a particular happy moment from a distance of ten or fifteen years makes my eyes fill up.

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  2. “I was younger then … take me back to when”. I could not understand much of the lyric, so had to look it up. Rather sad. Proves what they say “You can’t go back”. Beautiful haiku.


  3. Yes indeed. Beautiful haiku and lovely write. I understand the attraction to Ed Sheeran and his nostalgia. He is going to cameo on Game of Thrones this season! No you can’t go back again but one can move forward. and it seems you have in a most lovely manner.


  4. I’m afraid I’m with Jane – I can’t see the attraction of Ed Sheeran, even though he is a (fairly) local boy. I really enjoyed your haibun, though, and the song is about a world I recognise, too. What a gorgeous haiku – it’s the view out of my window!

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  5. some words in some songs just stand out and speak of something deeper to us, I like that a song can do that and you made that wonderfully clear here. The Haibun was so beautifully written and the haiku uplifted me.

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