Echo – for dVerse

Echo was silent
but the moon called
across the water,

and there was a
mirroring in
our movements.

Echo was silent,
but we were

and the rhythm danced
between us, and we
danced between
the rhythm,

giving and giving back.
Echo was silent.

De at dVerse is asking for quadrilles – 44 words – with “echo” as the key word.

20 thoughts on “Echo – for dVerse

  1. I love the idea of the moon calling, and also the idea of synchronizing with one’s reflection as a type of visual echo. Very innovative concept!


  2. there will always be something that moves the heart and our feelings, I often ask myself why I respond, would it be easier just to remain still and just listen but don’t have any emotion? Your words made me really think about this today.


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