Sport – haibun for dVerse

My daughter has grown through sport. I have watched her grow leaner, fitter, and much more confident through finding a sport she loves and working hard at it. She rows, which means watching the tides, fitting time on the river into early mornings and after school sessions, giving up time at the weekend when she could be shopping or Snapchatting, and getting up at crazy o’clock to get to regattas.

We live in the middle of nowhere, so I’ve resigned myself to driving the kids all over the place. I stand at the side of rugby pitches in the rain, and I sit in dojos on sunny days for my son, but secretly I prefer the rowing. I like sitting by the river, watching the movement of the water. I like watching the quad working together, perfecting their timing, their awareness of each other. I like their laughter as they clean down the boat and pack away their oars. Most of all, I like the determination on my daughter’s face as she pushes herself, concentrating on every stroke.

water flows swiftly

river dancing with the sea

white wings skim the waves

Bjorn is hosting at dVerse tonight. He wants us to write about sport. I wouldn’t say we are a sporty family, but we seem to do a lot of it. I run, and over the last year I’ve discovered cardio-tennis, but sport has most of its impact on me through my children. 


21 thoughts on “Sport – haibun for dVerse

  1. This is nice, how you enjoy watching your daughter gain strength and confidence. I hope my daughter continues athletics for this reason, too. We have rowers on the river near my house. It looks like fun!


  2. When we lived in Twickenham, I often sat on the bank of the Thames with my daughter, who was around five or six at the time, to watch the river and the rowers. Now she’s moved to Guildlford, we can do it again.. I can so identify with everything you’ve written, except for being the mother of a sporting child – my girl wasn’t into sport, she was a reader. Your haiku captures the movement of the river perfectly, Sarah!

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  3. I enjoy crew! Never was part of it except when I walked the Washington Avenue bridge at the U of MN, and I got to see them come out right underneath me! That and the motion of the water. Your Haibun certainly plugs into my memory banks. Nicely written, heart-felt.


  4. Lovely, Sarah~! The time with your children is so important. Mine was so short and now? I miss those days, few years so much. Sport does provide character in a child. Haiku is lovely, too.

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    • It’s really magical to watch, but my daughter gets a bit annoyed when I say things like “It must be lovely on the water, you must get to see so much”. Apparently all you look at is the oar of the person in front of you. Or behind you, actually, as you’re sitting backwards. I get a bit confused. Watching them is lovely, though, they just glide along.


  5. I have no interests in sports, and my girls didn’t either. (We spent many hours taking them piano and voice lessons, chorus and theater rehearsals, Latin club. . .) It does sound lovely though watching the rowing on the water (at least in good weather)–and I particularly enjoyed the haiku.

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