Summer – haibun for dVerse

We come here all through the winter. We’ve swum here on days when the sea has been a great, grey cat, tossing us like tiny toys. We’ve emerged shivering, glowing with cold and triumph. We’ve been the only swimmers, sometimes sharing the water with gleaming black clad surfers, sometimes sharing the beach with dog-walkers wrapped in coats and scarves.

Today, however, it’s summer. I’ve picked my son up from a hot coach, after a long drive back from a science fair. There’s a pair of shorts and a t-shirt in a bag on the back seat,and his swimming trunks are in the boot. We’ve collected his best friend, and an older brother who is wilting in the heat, and I’ve brought them to the beach. We’ve picked our way over the pebble ridge, clambering over the smoothly rounded stones, and slipped and slithered our way down the other side, carrying rugs, towels and ice cold drinks.

Up by the causeway there’s a gathering of people, brightly coloured, making their way in and out of the sea. Here, where we are, it’s quieter. We dump our stuff, and plunge into the water, relishing the coolness of it, looking due west, to where the hot sun will sizzle into the ocean in a few hours time. The solstice has brought us the longest, hottest day we can remember, and we are loving it.

Sun hovers, holds back –
cannot bear to leave the day –
gold path in the sea

Dverse is open, and the very graceful Grace is asking for summery haibuns. We had a mini heatwave last week, but we’re back to English summer weather now. Still, a girl can dream.


18 thoughts on “Summer – haibun for dVerse

  1. How lucky for you and the boys to find that quiet spot and enjoy the cool sea ~ Best way to beat the heat is to go swimming ~ Love that gold path in sea – perfect image (I can see it) ~


  2. “….. there’s a gathering of people, brightly coloured, making their way in and out of the sea.”…So very delightful. This one sentence seems to sum up the summer spirit.


  3. ‘…the sea has been a great, grey cat, tossing us like tiny toys’ – I love that, Sarah! I know that sea and that cat!, and the ‘shivering, glowing with cold and triumph’.I’m not so much a fan of summer beaches, though – they get a bit too crowded for me.Your haiku is a stunner!


  4. great, grey cat, tossing us like toys – I love this and the moonlight leaving a gold path on the ocean. I have seen that path before and as a child, I often wondered if I could walk on it to get the stars. The haiku at the end is excellent.


  5. what brave souls – a natural born sea family – the scene of sun setting with a sizzle into the sea is sensational!!


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