From here the land rises

like a green wave, so that

perhaps we cling

like fishermen to our

small boat. Are we afraid?


~For Lillian at dVerse, who asks us to be inspired by windows. I think there is more to say on this subject, and my picture doesn’t capture the perspective at all, which is a little frustrating. 


20 thoughts on “Window

  1. This is an amazing view…..from behind the dappled part of the roof the eye travels outward and up the hill. A beautiful view from your window. I’m not sure where you live (country/state) but I can also imagine how this view might change in the seasons and add new beauty and perspective in the fall and with a winter snow.
    Your words are perfect for the scene – and also stand alone beautifully. I love the idea of the green wave….at first, before I read further, I thought of the land waving to you each morning with its verdant greeting…but then as I read, I see you mean like a wave of the sea….its rolling does capture that. And then the ending comparison to us clinging to the sides of a small boat…well this in my minds eye is perfectly suited to the dappled part of the roof in the foreground of the photo. And I love the question at the end.
    Thank you so much for posting to the prompt! I enjoyed this very very much!


    • Wow, Lillian, I feel like you’ve really visited me. I live in Devon, the top of that south west peninsular at the bottom of England. We get a lot of rain, and we’re a bit of a dead end, so it’s very rural (for England – a surprisingly urban country, contrary to what our films and TV shows would suggest). We are in an old farm house. What the photo doesn’t capture is the way the land rises up in the exact shape of a wave, getting steeper as it goes up. There are longer views around here, but I like our view, and you’re right, I watch the colours change as the seasons pass.

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  2. Yes, your poem stands alone! I read it twice before I scrolled down to discover your picture. As for capturing the perspective… (I’ll try not to be too much a man and try to fix things, but…) a wide-angle attachment lens, if you are using an SLR digital (or film) camera is fairly inexpensive, and will perhaps do what you’re hoping for. You can also buy them for cell phones/tablets.


  3. Oh, but you did capture perspective, Sarah. I found myself back in Brittany, in the country but not far from the ocean that took the lives of so many fishermen. You literally took me back 4 decades and created a vivid memory.


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