Haibun – journey home – for dVerse.

We dropped her off for her first shift in her first job. Waitressing – a good place to start: learning to deal with the public, to cope with pressure, to stay polite. She was excited, and a little bit nervous. Not sure what to expect.

I went to pick her up at the end of her shift, four hours later. I was a little bit early, and she was a little bit late, so I watched her for a few moments, through the window. She was laying tables so they’d be ready for breakfast in the morning. She was in uniform – black trousers, black shirt, black apron – hair pulled back in a plait. She didn’t look like a little girl. She looked like a young woman, working in a restaurant.

We drove home, down the dark country lanes, narrow and twisting between high hedges, and she told me about the shift, the welcome speech she has to make to customers, the specials menu she has to learn. She’d had a great time, she’s looking forward to her first pay packet. When we got home, we both paused for a moment and looked up at the sky, dripping with stars, so tightly packed you couldn’t get a finger between them. Light spilled from our own kitchen window. We went inside.

Sky laden with stars
Light falls from an open window
Journey is ending.

Toni at dVerse has asked us to write a haibun on a topic of our own choice. The last few days have been all about my daughter. She’s had a lot going on, a little run of successes. I’m being a proud mum at the moment. Hey – it’s allowed! Be glad we’re not on Facebook, where you’d have to see proud mum pictures.Ā 


18 thoughts on “Haibun – journey home – for dVerse.

  1. It’s a joy being in the proud mum club! I remember twenty or so years ago when Ellen had her first job waitressing at a local pub (where we had our wedding reception) and we watched her from the bar, where my husband also worked for a while. It’s a wrench at first and then you get that burst of pride and joy. Aren’t we lucky to love in places where you can see the stars? Lovely haiku!

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  2. Being a proud mum is most definitely allowed! I wish you were on FB so I could see the pics. I love how you describe her – how she looks like a young woman working in a restaurant, The haiku is lovely. We have a lot of stars around here due to the lack of pollution in this area. And gee, I’d never know you were proud! šŸ™‚


  3. What a strong, tender tale you tell. Love the reflections of Mom in this – seeing her as a young woman through the window. The last line of the Haiku is worth a thousand other words. Beautiful! (and I would welcome those proud Mum photos.)


  4. You must be so proud. The young one is almost ready to fledge. Must be nice to see the stars at night. There’s so much pollution here, you can barely make out the moon and venus


  5. ah….proud mums unite! I love the moment you describe, of standing still and seeing her through the window. That distance between her figure and you looking on….similar between the distance that begins as our little ones grow into young adults, and then adults with their own little ones. We are always the proud mums ….. and the distance between them and our heart is always nil — even though there may be a window or miles that separate us.
    I enjoyed this very much! šŸ™‚


  6. I”m glad you had such a proud mom moment–and why not share it? šŸ™‚ I can imagine you seeing your daughter through the window, noticing how she’s become a young woman, and then both of you sharing the moment later, looking up at the stars. Lovely!

    My younger daughter’s first real job after she graduated college was teaching in the same high school with my husband. You should have seen the proud dad!

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