Surfacing – for MLMM

diveSources: quote: unknown
Underwater image: ©Phoebe Rudomino  – and yes, this is an actual underwater set – follow the link to begin to check out her bio and google search her to discover more – you might need oxygen!
Bee image: sourced here: Pollinator Friendly Gardens




For a moment back there
I was a mermaid, swimming
freely, free of gravity,
the deep pull of the earth,
the dark hold of matter.

My skin whispered your name
and I drifted, like kelp,
danced by the ocean current –

but air called me, pulled me up,
out of the drowning noise,
the music that filled my lungs.
Air beckoned, and I rose,

leaving you behind,
with your empty words,
hands, eyes, your
ultimately empty heart.


A storyboard from scribblersdip at MLMM. 


9 thoughts on “Surfacing – for MLMM

  1. Thank you so much for playing the Sunday writing prompt Sarah 🙂

    I love how you’ve interpreted this story board and let yourself slip in, sink and rise! I have shivers – as if I’ve just gone for a refreshing swim on a hot day and have emerged from the water, to find a cool breeze dancing on my skin – what a delicious lines: and I drifted, like kelp, /
    danced by the ocean current –

    Absolutely wonderful poem! I hope you have a great week 🙂


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