Summer rain – a trimeter for Frank

The rain comes down in rods,
In sheets, in cats and dogs,
We sit and watch the day
Dissolve, get washed away.

Like maidens in a tower
Beseiged by men of power
Dark arrows from the sky
Keep us at home, and dry

And all the dripping leaves
The darkly clouded trees,
The raindrops on the glass,
The mud be-spattered grass

Are things that give rain joy,
She treats them as a toy –
She’d play with us, no doubt,
If we went running out

And jumped and danced in mud
And laughed at the small flood
That tumbles down the lane
And sings a song of rain.


Te TUM te TUM te TUM. A trimeter for Frank, who is hosting MTB at dVerse. For my American readers – this is what happens in England in the summer. Ah, well, we make the most of it. In fact, when I went to tag this, “summer rain” was already a tag, so it’s obviously a common theme for me!


10 thoughts on “Summer rain – a trimeter for Frank

  1. Nice rhythmic sound and definitely trimeter. Not only are there three accents per line but the feet are all similar. In the first stanza I liked the rain washing away the day, an unexpected way to put this. In the second stanza the sense of being under siege was also unusual. The third stanza had mud bespattered grass. I usually think of raining cleaning things. The fourth and fifth stanza flips the first three and now rain is playful and would even play with us if we went out. Very nice.


  2. Rain is a persistent creature, isn’t she? By now we would have had a hot, humid, but sunny summer… but not so. We’ve been locked in our tower as well! I love the personification… and the catalogue of… metaphors? cliches? that have obviously had much usage by the poetic voice… “rods…sheets…” ho hum! It’s raining again; what’s new?

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  3. I like the trimeter and rhyme. I also like the message. How it turns from the negative aspects of rain to the positive aspect by the end of the poem. Very lovely. It reminds me of summer floods when I was a kid and playing in the washed out road afterwards – so much fun.


  4. Oh to return to the days when mud was fun & Mom washed our clothes. I didn’t know that rain was a She; maybe the gender changes for boys.


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