I be
I be
I be
and then I don’t be

I be dance
I be rain
I be flow
and then I don’t be

I gone
I gone again

I pain
I sorrow
I take the white road and I be walker I be rider I be traveller

I be thirst
I be hunger
I be want

I be anger I be silence

I be
I be
I be

and then I don’t be

Ah, the exquisite pain of tonight’s dVerse prompt, where Paul is making us give grammar for the evening. Made worse for me by the fact that I’m having an L M Montgomery binge, and she has the bad habit of using poor grammar for comic effect. You are a cruel man, Mr Scribbles…


27 thoughts on “Be

  1. I be I be . . . amazed at your write here. This was a crazy challenge and some of the posts (LATE to the reading I am!) cause pause, and cause a second and third sip of strong black coffee to harness any sense…but this one. Well, as the old saying goes, “I’ll be!” 🙂 Enjoyed it very much…and the meanings are there within, under, and between the words. Well done!


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