Yes, I’m planning for Christmas already…and I need your help…

I had a longish car journey today, and there was nothing on the radio that wasn’t making me incandescent with rage, so I drove in silence and thought my own thoughts. And one of them was this:

I’ve always wanted to make a poetry advent calender. I’d always imagined a physical one, and then I’d get caught up in wondering how I would make it work practically. Today, I realised I could do it on my blog! All logistics sorted instantly.

So, I’m after 25 poems altogether, that would work in December in the run up to Christmas. I’m aware that the whole Christmas thing implies a Christian kind of theme, but, hey, I’m a secular person myself, and I’d welcome anything that works with the spirit of celebrating in the middle of the darkest time of the year. Pagan, Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, atheist, humanist…I’ll take whatever you’ve got.

If you would like me to post up one of your poems, please put something in the comments, and let me know how best to contact you.

After all, it’s October already…


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