The Lion and the Unicorn – RTMM

And in the red corner
it’s him – all tawny hair
and dazzling teeth. He laughs –
a lot – he’s not read
Harry Potter, but he’s seen
the films. And in the blue,
she’s looking on, purple
bruise dress, black boots,
arms folded …

and all
Alice has to do now is decide
if she will spend the evening
at a noisy party, dancing
til she sweats, and shouting
to be heard above the music,
and laughing, always laughing,
and heading home at dawn
in last night’s dress…

or if
she’ll head down to the river,
with some vodka, maybe, and
watch the moonlight on the water,
and talk about the real things
that really matter, and watch
the sun rise over the grey streets…

and she
can’t decide, and all the time
that old rhyme beats a drum
inside her head…

Riding that mushroom one more time…and over using ellipses…


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