Narcotic – a brick for Jilly

I hold the needle, paused above my vein
pump a fist to watch it rise and bulge like
hungry goldfish lip-quivering for a grain
of tetra flake craving; a perma-blight.
What night-terror stands naked in the hail
leaves me gill-gasping, ravening for you
a gritty fix for this rapacious frail
Body, that yearns for something like the truth
Yet all I feed myself is empty lies –
False hope, false love, false joy, false everything –
A twisted ugliness that aches and cries,
Leaving me yearning, lost and grimacing –
My face and body coiled in painful bitterness
Empty of fullness, full of emptiness.

Jilly asked us to complete a sonnet, which as any fule kno goes abab cdcd efef gg. I’m not mad keen on sonnets – it’s that punchline thing which I struggle with – but I made an effort for Jilly because she is great. This is for the October casting bricks thing.


9 thoughts on “Narcotic – a brick for Jilly

  1. LOVE this, Sarah! ‘yearns for something like the truth’ speaks volumes because you didn’t say yearns for the truth – just something close. The closing line is an amazing juxtaposition that turns around on itself with such strength. I really love the way you carried the voice into so much realism of what this person is experiencing.
    When it comes to sonnets, I greatly admire poets like Yeats & Neruda who broke from the rules and ran rebeliously into something fresh and new. Fear not the sonnet; you are its master!!!
    (Re: your conversation above, I, too, tremble at the Haiku. I always manage to mess it up somehow. I don’t do the ‘season’ or fail to make it connect to our reality. I am Basho bashed. My favorite Haiku appears on T-shirts: Haikus are easy/ but sometimes they don’t make sense / refrigerator.) LOLOL!!!!


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