Water – haibun for dVerse

I don’t know quite how this became our “thing”. We took up the challenge – encouraging each other, competing a little bit – kept up monthly swims all summer, all winter, and all summer again. Now it’s autumn, and we’re still at it. There have been high winds this week, and the surf is big. The clouds are low, and there’s so much spray it’s hard to know where the air ends and the sea begins. It’s a monochrome day as we walk in together, feeling the cold – “It’s not so bad!” – rising over ankles, calves, knees, thighs, hips – and then the final dive under a rolling wave, and the triumphant resurfacing.

Grey clouds, grey sea –
petrel hanging above water –
plunging into life



Bjorn is tending bar at dVerse tonight. He wants a watery haibun, with a seasonal haiku. I want a hot whiskey after that. 

28 thoughts on “Water – haibun for dVerse

  1. I used to love swimming but haven’t been for a long time due to cramps. Maybe if I had someone to go with. But that’s a fantastic challenge. I know someone who does New year and moonlight swims in Cromer.
    Wonderful haiku – with a petrel!


  2. I perfectly went swimming along as I read this. Not that I would swim in the ocean… knowing the kinds of things that live there… but I can appreciate the exhilaration one must feel. Love the haiku!


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