Autumn for dVerse

Mist spills

From each long

Cleft valley. 


We are cocooned


Rise up from

This place

Where the land

Holds us

Gently into

Clarity, look

Across the cold

Burning world,

Mist spilling

From each long

Cleft valley,

Cold sun


For Kim at DVerAutumnse – an Autumn prompt. Round about now.


6 thoughts on “Autumn for dVerse

  1. Thank you for the lovely misty poem, Sarah! I love the sounds in:
    ‘We are cocooned
    and the lines:,
    ‘Where the land
    Holds us
    Gently into
    I also love the oxymorons in
    Across the cold
    Burning world’
    ‘cold sun’
    which evoke the in-between-ness and other-worldliness of autumn,


  2. The transition from in the valley to rising above the valley is gentle enough to disarm the reader, then we see the real meaning of the cold burning world – which, by the way, is a remarkable juxaposition in phrasing. Have read this several times just for the feel of it. Really well done!


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