A month with Yeats #6

‘Suddenly I saw the cold and rook-delighting heaven’

Rooks gather in the evening
when their shapes are black
shadows against a silver sky.

They have their places –
the high branches of the ash,
the roof ridge – high places

where they can watch the winter
world: brown fields, dull hedges,
the bones of the earth laid bare.

They come in at sunset,
black hands splayed against
red gold burning light,

and one will call out,
leaning into the cry,
and one will rise up,

find a new position,
leaving the topmost twigs
moving, as if a wind had been there.

Another inspirational quote from W B Yeats, curated by Jane Dougherty for her November with Yeats challenge. We have lots of rooks around us. I’ve written about them before – good to see I’m in such exalted company!

5 thoughts on “A month with Yeats #6

  1. Your poem reminds me of living in Yorkshire and watching the rooks roosting in the big sycamores and ash trees at the bottom of the garden. It is a cold, harsh sight. I haven’t seen any rooks yet here. Crows and magpies, but no flocks of rooks.

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