Kick – quadrille for dVerse

Back in the day

You were my astronaut baby

And I was your universe

And part of me thought

I would always be able to

Keep you safe,

But, of course,

Even then you kicked

And pushed against the world,

Seeking to be free.

It’s a special day at dVerse – Quadrille #44 – those poets who use all the words will be stretched to the limit! De is keeping bar at the poets’ pub tonight, and asks us to write a poem in 44 words – no more, no less – including the word “kick”. 

36 thoughts on “Kick – quadrille for dVerse

  1. Ha. Our thoughts were not that much different today.
    They were so much easier once upon a time. Actually mine are teenagers now,
    so they are a little easier to handle.

    I probably should not say that out loud.

    The astronaut//universe connection you make to being in the womb
    is really cool.


  2. Lovely thoughts in this. I’m not a mother and haven’t had much contact with children but this reminds me of how my mother would have felt. I like the take on this…you were my universe…lovely.


  3. Wonderful, Sarah! I love the astronaut baby/universe metaphor, and children kicking and pushing and kicking against the world – an old story that will be repeated again and again, but is always new to each generation.


  4. Such an amazing, beautiful poem–astronaut baby and I was your universe. Wow.
    It made me think though of when my younger daughter was about three, and she asked me, “Do you remember when I was in your belly, and I hiccupped and that made you laugh?”


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