It’s never – for Jilly’s jade challenge

It’s never about birds in poetry;
it is about our inadequate,
marrow-filled bones that
weigh us down
reminding us of the immediacy
of the dust.

It’s never about stars in poetry;
it’s about the darkness
that sits in our bellies
waiting to swallow

It’s never about sunsets in poetry;
it’s about the endings
we fear, cold and alone,

It’s never about oceans in poetry;
it’s about finding somewhere
firm to stand,

This is a completion of Jilly’s poem, for her November casting bricks challenge. Her words are in italics, and mine follow. 


9 thoughts on “It’s never – for Jilly’s jade challenge

  1. Hooray! So glad you joined in; your words are so valuable, Sarah. I get the part about November being so busy – I’m there with you.
    I really enjoy how you expanded this into 4 stanzas – the sunsets and oceans needed to be there with the birds and stars 🙂 There is a profoundness that strikes at the very heart of us all in what you have written. I agree with Q about that one line – perfection! Also, the sunset stanza has a turn that catches my breath – our fear of endings. Excellent writing!


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